Capital sources for varied capital applications

Dealing with Capital requirements of business is one of the most challenging jobs for a finance professional. This ranges along the entire value chain of:

  • Evaluating the need for Capital
  • Quantifying the amount of Capital required
  • Raising the required Capital
  • Deploying the Capital in the business
  • Ensuring optimum utilisation of the Capital
  • Measuring the perfomance of Capital

Each and every one of these stages throw up different challenges for different businesses. We are equipped with a dynamic team of qualified professionals to help you through these stages.


Business Startup

We have a wide range of solutions for start ups for the different stages of business you are at including:

Growing Business

Growing businesses in need of Capital need to decide between choosing Debt (if you have capacity to repay the interest cost and would like to avoid diluting a stake in a profitable business) or Equity (be it plain equity or Strategic Equity Capital to add value to your business)

Mature Business

For mature businesses effective Working capital management can help you optimise the returns from Capital deployed. Astute Treasury management rules improve the overall Return on Capital.

At the same time you can start evaluating new businesses to deploy your gains from the existing operations.