Business Valuation

For Fund raising and FEMA compliance

Business Valuation is essential to making the right investment. It forms an integral part of every aspect of the economic cycle as all successful decisions are based on correct valuations.

Companies, lenders and institutional investors often seek valuations or fairness opinions from independent professionals during times of corporate transition and decision making.

Business valuation can be complex. There is often a significant difference between a business' value and the selling price (which is a function of the perception of the buyer and the value he sees). Knowledge of the marketplace helps us to properly assess what your business is worth and price the sale accordingly.

  • Internal Valuation: We advise clients on the valuation of their business to help them make the right decisions based on the valuations; be it entering into a JV, raising additional capital, divesting stake etc.

  • Independent Valuation: Independent Valuations are taken up to assess the value of a business for third parties like new Investors, Banks, Lenders etc.

Our recent assignments include arriving at valuation for a Film Production House, a fast growing e-commerce logistics company, an app development company, a Weekly Publication and a Paints manufacturing company with the objective of raising Capital to drive their expansion plans.