Equity Capital

The holy grail for start ups

Raising Equity Capital is the lifeline for many businesses in the initial phase of their life. Not having access to adequate capital can mean death for the business. At the same time, raising equity capital is restricted to those businesses that show promise for growth, ability to realise economies of scale and have the potential to list on a public exchange and give an exit to their investors with multiple 'x' returns. 

Sources of Equity Funds 

  • Friends and Family
  • Angel Investors
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity Funds

Wealth Café, helps you evaluate your business to first understand if you should look for raising equity capital and what source of equity capital is best suited for your business. The next question to be answered is the amount of capital you should raise and at what range of valuation. Equipped with these answers you are in a better position to approach Equity Capitalists.