Client Case: Startup - O

Due Diligence of Investee companies

Startup-O is a Singapore-based platform that curates promising startups from any location and provides them with Strategic Seed Capital & connects with Global Experts.

The platform is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who believe in going the extra mile.

What we do?

We are partners with Startup-O and perform the Due Diligence of all their prospective investments in Indian businesses.

The Due Diligence covers various aspects of the business including financial, legal, market and operational factors.


Client Case: UM Motorcycles

Capital Allocation in new venture

UM sold their first bike in India in 2017. But the ground work started much earlier in 2015.

The Business Plan we prepared for UM before they entered the Indian market was so detailed that they could calculate the impact of sale of a single additional motorcycle on their working capital.

What we did:

Working Capital: The plan helped the management determine the amount of investments they needed to apportion and to what areas of business.

Partner Contribution: The detailed plan helped UM also determine the contribution of their local India partners towards the joint venture.