Flush with Capital

Evaluating capital investment avenues

It is not uncommon to see entrpreneurs looking for options to invest their Capital earned from their exisiting successsful business ventures.


    We help you do an indepth evaluation of the various options available to you. Be it starting a new business or investing in an existing franchise, we do the number crunching to help you evaluate the various parameters like break-even Sales, break-even tenure, return on investment etc.

    Once you finalise a business, we prepare the Business Plan for you.


    Doing business without a target is like embarking on a journey without knowing the destination. A Business Plan helps you crystalise all your plans, thoughts, ideas and put numbers to them. It also gives an entrepreneur an goal post for his business.

    Having a business plan made before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey lets you take corrective action well in advance. It also helps you plan your finances w.r.t. to the quantum needed and timing of it.

    And when a business is started with funds raised from Banks or from Investors, a Business Plan is indispensable. Over time, we have become Business Plan specialists. We do not believe in template based Business Plans and draft business and entrepreneur specific plans.